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Lady Christie

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for
Maine volunteer lawyers project

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Can anyone give me help to get through this?

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I am wonderin someone told me in my family that if my child got adopted then I could still fight to get him back and I could apeal the court for wrongful doing? I need to know if this is true if there is someone out there that is a lawyer or has a friend that is a lawyer I may not have much money now but If I got my son back by the help of you I would pay you for the rest of my life... My son is the most important thing in my life wrate now and I need him more then anything if someone can help me please reply. Or email me T hank You everyone

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I need help.. I need a laywer and do not have the money. They took my son away and I have been trying to get him back I missed a court date do to being in a different state and not having transportation. They told me that I could appeal the court but first I would need to get a court apointed laywer. Personally I am so sick and tired or court appointed laywers every one I have had did not help me just because they was not getting paid or getting paid enough. I need help and someone who has a heart that can help me for free or on a low cut budget. Please they had already taken away my rights and time is clicking away as I cannot get a court appointed laywer and I do not want to loose my son please... I am in the state of connecticut and the case is in the state of maine.. Please email me if you can help or have someone that can help..

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